When and What to Do Each Month

When and What to Do Each Month

Congrats, you’re engaged!We know there is no need to remind twice.That spark on your finger might be enough to remind you.But now that he or she has proposed, it’s time to start planning for the big day.

Remember when you put all your inspiration boards together a few years before you got engaged?It’s time to put these beautiful boards to good use.While wedding planning can be fun and exciting, it must be lying if anyone said that you won’t have a moment of panic during the whole process.Hey, nothing is gonna be 100% perfect because you’re human, so this is totally ok.But to minimize your fear, we’re here to tell you what you need to do and when.

11-12 months
Before you start planning, put together a budget – you’ll be happy you do in the end! Then get started.

9-10 months
It’s time to find your dream dress! Don’t worry, be as picky as you would like. But when you’re not slipping into dresses, you’ll want to choose a theme and a color scheme.

7-8 months
Now’s the time to book that caterer/musician/photographer you’ve had your eye on. But don’t forget to pick out your marriage rings and get some show-stopping dresses for your bridal party.

5-6 months
Send out your save the dates! If you forget about that detail, or you may not have too many guests showing up on your big day.

3-4 months
Order your sweet treat to give the baker plenty of time to make it look impeccable. And don’t think for a second your girls have forgotten about your wedding party.

2 months
Most importantly, send out your wedding invitations. Then book that limo so you won’t be showing up to your wedding in your mom’s van.

1 month
Freak out, that’s all. Just kidding, you’re allowed a moment of panic – but that’s it. Okay, now back to planning.

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