Wonderful Ideas for A Perfect Music-Themed Wedding

Wonderful Ideas for A Perfect Music-Themed Wedding

Music is more than a hobby, a skill, or a pastime.Some people feel more connected to music than many people in their lives.You love music as well?You wanna share your love of music with your partner?A perfect wedding inspired by music is fairly fantastic!

Music is an unique theme and there are many ways to incorporate music into your life, really.If music is a passion the two of you share, it will undoubtedly play a huge role in your wedding day. Think music scores, a musical note cake tiara, lyrical chair backs and vinyl decor.We have lots of cool ideas to make your music wedding theme truly noteworthy.Read on!

Music related wedding invitations

It is known that wedding invitation sets the tone for your entire celebration, and it’s the perfect place to introduce your musical wedding theme. Thus, pick a perfect music wedding invitation to show perfectly your wedding theme.

Bouquets or boutonnieres
Instead of using real flowers for the boutonniere and bouquet, it is a great option to use paper flowers made out of sheet music. The flowers are beautiful and they are a clear symbol of the couple’s love for all things musical.

DIY wedding decorations
Sheet music is a great place to start for all kinds of DIY wedding decorations and projects. The paper cones you see here are the perfect wedding favor when filled with a tasty treat. They can also be filled with rice or confetti for guests to throw as the couple leaves the ceremony. The paper hearts sewn together as garland creates romantic and meaningful wedding decorations. Even the cake pops become their own little masterpieces with the right finishing touch!

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